Tips for Protecting Your Company Against Cyberattacks

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Cybersecurity has become, as it should, an extremely important topic on company boards’ agendas. The main question on everyone’s mind is: “How can we eliminate this problem?” The answer, unfortunately, is that you can’t. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and their knowledge evolves with every new technology. As discussed by a panel of experts at the 2015 FOLEYTech Summit however, there are certain steps that companies can take to help prevent these cyberattacks from occurring.

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Five Questions for Early-Stage Companies Looking to Protect Their IP


Throughout previous Emerging Company Exchange posts, we’ve discussed the importance of intellectual property (IP) for technology companies.  For medical device companies, regulatory guidelines present challenges that should be considered when developing an intellectual property strategy.

Learn more about five common intellectual property quandaries facing early-stage medical device companies in our recent article on Medical Design & Outsourcing.

“Better, Faster, Stronger” — Identifying and Protecting Your Competitive Differentiators


Competitive differentiators are the beneficial and unique aspects of your product or service compared to those of competitors. These qualities may provide benefits to consumers, such as a useful and unique feature, more reliable operation, or lower price; or may provide benefits to your organization, such as reducing manufacturing or operational costs. A competitive differentiator may be the functional and technical capabilities of your product or service that make you superior to consumers over your competition. In one sense, your competitive differentiators are your “secret sauce” or your organization’s reason for existing: they’re why customers should come to you rather than someone else. In this next post in our Startup Intellectual Property (IP) Series, we will explore why identifying and protecting your competitive differentiators is a key IP consideration for startups.

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Key Considerations for Companies Seeking Early Stage Funding


From accelerators to crowdfunding, and angel funding to venture capital, early stage funding is evolving. At the 2015 FOLEYTech Summit, the speakers on “Exploring the Evolution of Early Stage Funding” panel discussed some of the key concepts and concerns companies should consider when seeking early stage funding.

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Three Trending Topics in IoT: Privacy, Security, and Fog Computing


Cisco has estimated that there will be 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to the Internet by the year 2020. IoT has been a buzzword over the past couple of years. However, the buzz surrounding IoT in the year 2015 has IoT enthusiasts particularly excited. This year, IoT has taken center stage at many conferences around the world, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015), SEMI CON 2015, and Createc Japan, among others. IoT took center stage at the 2015 FOLEYTech Summit with Chris Rezendes of IoT Capital Partners and Inex Advisors serving as the keynote speaker.

Here are three trending topics that were discussed at the 2015 FOLEYTech Summit by a few IoT experts: Brian Bedrosian, Broadcom; Wynn Grubbs, Plumchoice; Roger Krakoff, IoT Capital Fund; Tom Luczak, Flowthings; and Foley Partner Chris McKenna.

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